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You deserve to be happy and energetic. It’s our mission to empower everyone who has lost or is at risk of losing control over their own recovery and energy. With our scientifically validated program based on personal data, we help you regain and maintain your life energy.

We understand

From surviving to thriving: Unleash your lust for life and energy

Do you wake up tired more often? Do you experience headaches and concentration problems? Are you listless, short of breath, easily irritated, and dreading social gatherings with friends or family? We understand how frustrating this can be. But don’t worry, we can help. Everyone is capable of improving their energy, and that includes you!

The BioCheck Method:

Our proven approach to stress and fatigue

Our scientifically validated program is created from the worlds of elite sports and medicine, and it’s proven effective. Supported by our unique software and user-friendly app, we guide you towards a more vital and happier life. You not only learn to better cope with daily stress but also recover better. This way, you can reduce mental exhaustion and physical damage, enjoying life with full energy.


Want to chat with an advisor?

Life is too precious not to enjoy every day. Would you like to start your day with enthusiasm and free from energy concerns? And are you ready to take the first step? Feel free to contact us for a personal advisory conversation.

Discover our 4 building blocks that will help you feel fit again

We understand the impact that fatigue from persistent stress, (chronic) illness, and/or trauma can have on daily life. That’s why we’ve developed unique building blocks to help you regain and maintain your energy.

Building block 1

Insight through Personal and Real-time Data

Do you know how far you can drive your car if you don’t know how full the tank is? By measuring your daily ability to recover, you’ll know how much energy is in the tank for the day, providing you with control. In an initial intake, we measure your recovery capacity and tipping point, giving us a precise understanding of your condition and creating a training program perfectly tailored to your level.

Building block 2

Adjustment of Breathing

What happens if we accelerate while the car is in neutral? It unnecessarily consumes a lot of fuel, and you don’t move forward. This is exactly what happens in your body when you experience stress and don’t recover well in rest. With us, you’ll learn to breathe as originally intended during rest, reducing the need to step on the gas while stationary. We train breathing based on HRV and with the help of our user-friendly app.

Building block 3

Mental Awareness

To drive, you must first understand how a car works and how to operate it. Through cognitive guidance and (online) education, we create awareness of the impact of certain daily actions on your energy level. For a sustainable effect and more efficient energy consumption.

Building block 4


Thanks to personalized cardio training at the right level within daily capacity, you’ll learn to make your engine more fuel-efficient. In other words, you can drive longer with the same tank capacity. Conditioning also ensures that your tank capacity becomes slightly larger. This way, you can endure effort and stress for a longer time.

About Biocheck

Unique combination of data & science

BioCheck has its own perspective on recovering from chronic fatigue and burnout. While traditional methods focus only on the mental aspect, our scientifically validated program ensures a balance between body and mind. This proven approach combines data and science for effective results.

An effective method has helped people like you, enabling them to lead even fitter and more vibrant lives.

83% return 5.2 months earlier than the average duration of burnout.

Up to 168% improvement in recovery capacity.

Medically validated recovery program with 25 years of expertise and research.

31.5% fewer fatigue complaints when used preventively in high-pressure work environments.


How can we assist you?​​

Check out our programs and find out in what ways we can help you.


How can we assist you?​

Check out our programs and find out in what ways we can help you.


Put yourself first and invest in your happiness and health

Over 3000 participants have regained control over their energy thanks to the BioCheck software. And the good news? You can too! This is the moment to effectively take action and make a difference for now and the future.

1: Fill in

Fill out the contact form.

2: Advise

Receive a call from our program advisors within 2 working days. They will help you find the most suitable program and location.

3: Results

We assess your energy and recovery capacity so you can quickly start with your personalized plan.


Your survival mechanism: the cause & operation of stress

Did you know that stress and the stress response are natural and essential functions? Your stress system prepares your body for physical performances to increase the chance of survival. Unfortunately, this system sometimes struggles in the modern world we live in. As a result, it reacts to non-life-threatening situations, such as a busy schedule, deadlines, or a slightly too thrilling Netflix thriller. We constantly experience a low level of stress daily, and that’s far from healthy. Mental exhaustion and physical damage are increasingly on the horizon.

Luckily, we help you restore the functioning of your stress system. This way, you learn to effectively maneuver through the stressful jungle of life.


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What can we help you with?

Frequently asked questions

Our treatment program is medically validated by the Coronel Institute in collaboration with Amsterdam University Medical Center.

This varies per person and needs to be assessed in each situation.

It is essential to coordinate this with your employer.

It is important to follow the protocol for the best results. From a training perspective, it is crucial to engage in cardio training three times a week for building endurance.

Yes, you can continue using the app for a fee. It can be canceled on a monthly basis.

The BioCheck Program combines movement based on your real-time physical data, breathing therapy, mental guidance, and education on body awareness. This empowers you to regain control over your energy and facilitates optimal and sustainable recovery.

We teach you to breathe correctly, aligning with natural patterns. It’s not yoga or meditative breathing therapy. Our app includes tools for practicing, monitoring, and setting reminders for proper breathing.

Employers do not have access to your data. Reports on your progress are sent to the employer only if you’ve given consent after the intake, midway through the program, and after the final measurement.

The program lasts 18 weeks with a potential extension of 3 weeks. It should be completed within 21 weeks due to the consistent buildup of your resilience.

Employers often cover the program. If there’s no existing collaboration, we can contact them to explore possibilities.

Our treatment program is medically validated by the Coronel Institute in collaboration with Amsterdam UMC.

BioCheck views fatigue from stress-related or burnout issues as both a mental and physiological imbalance. Our approach, combining movement based on real-time data, breathing therapy, mental guidance, and education, helps individuals regain control over their energy.

This possibility exists. There is no way to determine this during the intake. Often, it can only be determined later whether someone has regressed, for example, by developing PEM (Post-Exertional Malaise).

It is an 18-week program, divided into 3 blocks of 6 weeks each, where you engage in cardio training and breathing exercises. At our location, you join a group of 4 to 6 people. Each session lasts 2 hours, with the first half-hour dedicated to education, answering questions, and sharing knowledge/experiences among participants (interaction between participants is optional and not mandatory). Following this, you proceed to training with an oxygen generator, rest in our relaxation area, and perform our breathing exercises. The sequence of activities is therefore education, asking questions, training with the oxygen generator, resting in our relaxation area, and doing our breathing exercises.

You train at your personal level based on your data, combining morning measurements and exercise test data.

Education, with room for questions, is organized in group settings at the BioCheck location, conducted by physiotherapists, movement scientists, and psychologists. This allows you to gain more awareness and understanding of your complaints and your body. In the E-Health program, you do receive one-on-one attention.

Interaction is optional, not mandatory.

At the intake, everything related to your autonomic nervous system is measured and calculated. This includes HRV, amplitude, anaerobic threshold, as well as your saturation, blood pressure, BMI, etc. This data is analyzed by our data analyst/guide. Additionally, you perform a morning measurement every day. This data is stored on top of the intake data, allowing you to train at your level within your own capacity for that specific day. You may be in the adrenaline mode because your sympathetic nervous system is continuously active. As a result, your adrenal glands produce cortisol and adrenaline. In a prolonged stressed body, the receptors of your hippocampus may function less effectively in inhibiting the hypothalamus and the stress response because it constantly receives signals that cortisol is present in your body.

Most people assume that their heart rate is normal, but it must involve heart coherence. In this case, it could be related to your breathing. At BioCheck, we only consider a correct breathing pattern when all three components (breathing frequency, breath volume, and breath depth) are correct. This is related to the carbon dioxide level in your blood, which regulates, among other things, the pH value of the blood. With a non-optimal value (7.4), your heart receives incorrect stimuli. This can lead to, among other things, heart palpitations.

We have psychologists in our organization who can potentially address the mental aspect. The psychologists are actively involved as data analysts and guides within the Vitality and Recovery Program. One can also independently or additionally pursue BioPsychology, where one-on-one guidance is provided. For more information, see the BioPsychology program.

While we have knowledge about nutrition, it’s not our primary focus.

We are currently working on expanding our locations. If there is no convenient location for you, the E-Health program is an option. In this program, you’ll train independently three times a week for 18 weeks and perform breathing exercises using the BioCheck app. Guidance includes five 30-minute video calls, with the option to extend.

The documentation supports on-site education. It allows you to revisit concepts and better understand your body. With this knowledge, you can avoid situations that stress your body and apply the learning to manage stress effectively.

The app monitors heart rate zones. For light physical activity on rest days, you can use the heart rate monitor and app. Avoid exceeding your warm-up phase in terms of heart rate zone during these activities to maintain the integrity of rest days.

For consistency, we recommend completing the program at one location. However, it’s possible to switch locations fully, subject to availability and agreement.

Continuous cycling or running in a natural setting is acceptable. Training at a constant heart rate is crucial, so avoid urban settings with traffic lights that may disrupt your rhythm. Running is advised for those with recent experience to minimize injury risks.

The program can be completed in 21 weeks, but continuous attendance is recommended for optimal results.

If insured with Movir, coverage is possible. We are also affiliated with Menzis and Zilveren Kruis. Employer-covered programs with Bedrijfzorg may qualify for reimbursement. Verify with your provider as coverage varies.

Possible, especially if working in the medical, sports, lifestyle, or nutrition fields. Consult your accountant for advice.

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