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Recovery Program

An effective and proven program for the recovery of (chronic) fatigue, stress, and burnout symptoms.

Recovery in 18 weeks from long-term fatigue symptoms

Has one of your employees taken sick leave due to prolonged health issues and wishes to work on recovery? Is your employee perfectionistic and regularly experiences a hurried or restless feeling? Is breathing irregular, and does your employee want to regain energy and actively participate in life again? With our restoration program, your employee can effectively work towards a more vital, healthier, and happier life.

At BioCheck, we do things differently

Taking a break should fix everything, right? Traditionally, we’re accustomed to the belief that rest solves everything. Applying the brakes more often is a good start, but it doesn’t contribute to sustainable recovery. You want to effectively and correctly reset the body, ensuring genuine recovery. This requires not only the right motivation but also the right actions. That’s why we’ve developed the BioCheck restoration program, where your employee actively engages in small groups of up to 6 people, guided by professionals with backgrounds in physiotherapy, movement sciences, and psychology.

This is what the restoration program entails:

  1. Physical intake of ± 2 hours
    This includes a rest measurement, stress measurement, and exercise test, a discussion of the intake form, and a medically validated fatigue questionnaire. The use of the BioCheck app and breathing exercises are also explained. Your employee receives a report with the results of the measured physical parameters. The intake helps map out the symptoms and provides information about the physical tools available for recovery.
  2. Group training on-site 3 times a week
    Under personal guidance, your employee learns about movement, relaxation, behavior, and health in small groups of up to 6 participants.
  3. Personal helpline
    Outside the on-site sessions, your employee always has the option to chat with the facilitator(s).
  4. 18 weeks of app usage
    Daily insights into personal resilience, behavior, and movement according to our Protocol. Additionally, there is the opportunity to measure stress levels during work, sleep, and more.
  5. A final assessment

What does it offer your employees?

Through education, cardio training, and breathing exercises following our BioCheck method, your employee gains insight into how the body works. As a result, they learn to better switch between exertion and relaxation, leading to:

What do we ask from your employees?

We all wish there was a quick solution for the recovery of (chronic) fatigue, but your employees need to take charge themselves. We provide all the necessary tools and guidance for effective recovery within 12 weeks. All we ask is that your employees are motivated and commit to daily efforts. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Interested in an informal consultation with one of our experts?

Many participants have regained control over their energy thanks to our programs. And the good news? Your employees can too! This is the moment to effectively get started and make a difference. For now and the future.

Step 1:

Fill out the contact form.

Step 2:

Receive a call from our Program Advisors within 2 working days. Ask all your questions and discover what the restoration program can mean for your employees.

Step 3:

Sign up and let your employees work towards a fitter and more vital life in 18 weeks.


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