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Take control and gain Insight into the vitality of your employees

Having vibrant and healthy staff is the key to reducing personnel costs and ensuring long-term success. With our proven formula based on personal data, we assist in enhancing and preserving vitality in your workplace.

We understand

We aid in maintaining, improving, and restoring the vitality of your employees.

Thanks to our unique programs utilizing personal real-time physiological data, we make a difference in your workplace. Employees with burnout symptoms return to work on average 5.2 months earlier.

But it doesn’t end there:

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Your employees are too valuable not to invest in; personnel absenteeism causes concerns, delays, and incurs costs. Feel free to reach out and discover what we can do for your staff and company.


If you’re a company doctor or absence specialist wanting to know how we can assist you, contact us directly to discuss options with one of our experts.

We understand

Discover the 4 pillars that energize your staff

Building block 1

Insight through Personal and Real-time Data

Do you know how far you can drive your car if you don’t know how full your tank is? By measuring daily resilience, the employee understands how much energy is in the tank for the day, providing control. In an initial assessment, we measure the daily ability to recover and tipping point of your employee, gaining precise insight into their condition and creating a training program perfectly tailored to their level.

Building block 2

Adjustment of Breathing

Just as pressing the gas pedal while the car is in neutral wastes fuel and doesn’t move you forward, the body reacts similarly when individuals experience stress and struggle to recover during rest. We teach you to breathe as originally intended during rest, reducing unnecessary exertion. We train breathing based on HRV using our accessible app.

Building block 3

Mental Awareness

To drive a car, you must first understand how it works and how to operate it. With cognitive guidance and online education, we create awareness of the impact of certain daily actions on energy levels. This fosters a sustainable effect and more efficient energy consumption.

Building block 4


Through personalized cardio training at the right level within daily resilience, you learn to make your engine more fuel-efficient. In other words, you can drive longer with the same tank capacity. Conditioning also ensures a slightly larger tank capacity, helping you sustain effort and stress for a more extended period.

Our method

The BioCheck Method

We assist individuals on their journey to a healthier and more vital life based on objective data, awareness, and education. Over 3000 employees have regained control over their energy through the use of BioCheck software. The good news? Your staff can be effectively helped too!

About Biocheck

We create a win-win situation for employer and employee

Your staff deserves to be fit and energetic. You deserve a team that feels good and performs optimally. Our mission is to give back control over recovery and energy to all employees who have lost it or are at risk of losing it.

Treatment programs focused on self-management

BioCheck pays for itself with a return on investment in just 16 days of absenteeism

€35,000 is the average savings on wage costs in case of absence with a nominal salary when BioCheck is timely implemented

83% return 5.2 months earlier than the average duration of burnout

Up to 168% improvement in recovery capacity

31.5% fewer fatigue complaints in preventive use for working personnel under high workload


How can we help you?​​

Check out our programs and find out in what ways we can help you.


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Which program is suitable for my employees?

Would you like personalized advice on which programs best fit your company and situation? Schedule a no-obligation conversation with one of our program Advisors.

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Your Survival Mechanism: Uncover the Cause & Function of Stress​

Did you know that our stress system has one task? It’s a naturally good quality that prepares your body for physical performances to increase survival chances. Unfortunately, this system struggles with the modern world. As a result, it reacts to non-life-threatening situations, such as a full inbox or that slightly too suspenseful Netflix thriller.

Constantly experiencing a low level of stress makes mental exhaustion and physical damage more likely. Fortunately, you can help restore the functioning of your stress system and bring your body back into balance. We provide your staff with the tools to effectively navigate the stressful jungle of modern life.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our program is medically validated by the Coronel Institute in collaboration with Amsterdam UMC.

Affiliated with Menzis and Zilveren Kruis, employer-covered programs with Bedrijfzorg are usually reimbursed. Check specifics with your provider.

83% return to work earlier, averting an average of 5.2 months of burnout-related absence.

With 16 days of sick leave, the BioCheck recovery program becomes cost-effective, saving over 100 sick days if employees are enrolled promptly.

Determined by the employer and the employee’s situation. Consultation with the occupational health physician aids decisions on workload and reintegration hours.

The program lasts for 18 weeks, excluding the Work Fit Trajectory, and may have an extension of 3 weeks. This means that your program should be completed in 21 weeks. This is due to the consistent development of your resilience. Each program starts with an intake and concludes with a final measurement assessing your overall health and physical strain. See for more information our programs

We can visit to promote vitality and health among employees through a presentation or workshop and conduct measurements to assess their resilience. In addition to this, BioCheck information can be shared on a system used by all employees. Our programs can also be brought to the attention of the involved company doctor by providing information about BioCheck.

BioCheck is for those with fatigue and potential autonomic nervous system dysregulation. No lung damage is a prerequisite for PCS participants. Limited research exists on PCS treatment, but approximately 8 out of 10 participants show improvement.

From the evaluation conducted among hardworking employees in large organizations, it emerges that 31.5% report having fewer fatigue complaints.

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