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For Healthcare Providers

Help your clients regain energy

Are you ready to grow your practice? Become a partner with BioCheck and work more efficiently, achieving better results at fair value. Enhance your services with our scientifically validated program and data-driven method, or use our software for your own research.

Together, we restore energy to those who have lost it or are at risk of losing it.

We understand

Work more efficiently, gain more clients, and achieve better results

We understand the frustration within the evolving healthcare landscape. The competition is fierce, and many practices struggle to attract new patients.

With BioCheck, you have the tools to work with a caring approach at a fair price, directly approach the employer market, be part of the solution, and successfully grow your practice. By combining our strengths, we ensure a fit, resilient, and healthy society with a better balance between effort
and relaxation.

Our healthcare providers

The BioCheck Method:

Utilize our education protocol for sustainable results​

Our protocol, developed from the worlds of elite sports and medicine, is proven effective. Through our education, training, unique software, and scientifically driven method, you can better assist patients and expedite their energy recovery.

Biocheck, Paul


Ready to grow your practice?

Are you prepared for the next step with your practice? Do you want to make your patients more vital and healthier based on their individual capacity? Or do you want to incorporate our method to support your own treatment programs? Feel free to contact us for a personalized advisory session and discover all the benefits.

We understand

Discover our 4 building blocks that make a difference

We understand the impact that fatigue, caused by persistent stress, (chronic) illness, and/or trauma can have on the daily lives of patients. That’s why we have developed unique building blocks that teach them to regain and maintain their energy.

Building block 1

Insight through Personal and Real-time Data

Do you know how far you can drive your car if you don’t know how full your tank is? By measuring the daily ability to recover, you know how much energy is available for the day. This provides control. During an initial intake, we measure your patient’s recovery capacity and inflection point. This gives us a precise insight into their condition, and we create a training program that perfectly matches their level.

Building block 2

Adjustment of Breathing

What happens when we accelerate while the car is in neutral? It wastes unnecessary fuel, and you don’t move forward. This is precisely what happens in the body when people experience stress and no longer recover well in rest. With us, your patient learns to breathe as originally intended during rest, reducing the need to press the gas pedal while stationary. Thanks to our app, your patient learns to regain control of their breathing based on HRV.

Building block 3

Mental Awareness

To drive, you must first know how a car works and how to drive a car. With cognitive guidance and (online) education, we create awareness of the impact of certain daily actions on energy levels. We provide you access to our unique educational materials supported by an online education platform for you and the participants. This enables your patients to make more efficient use of their energy through cognitive guidance, education, and handy tools.

Building block 4


With personalized cardio training at the right level within daily capacity, your patient learns to use their engine more efficiently. In other words, they can drive longer with the same tank content. In addition, conditioning ensures that the tank content becomes slightly larger. This way, they can endure effort and stress for a longer duration.

About Biocheck

Unique combination of data & science

BioCheck has its own vision on the recovery of chronic fatigue and burnout. While traditional methods focus solely or mainly on the mental aspect, the scientifically proven protocol we work with ensures a balance between body and mind. Over 3000 participants have regained control over their energy through the use of BioCheck software. And the good news? You can use our method too.

83% return 5.2 months earlier than the average duration of burnout

Up to 168% improvement in recovery capacity

Proven method with 25 years of expertise and research

Provides control over recovery for the patient and you as a healthcare provider

31.5% fewer fatigue complaints with preventive use for working personnel under high work pressure


How can we assist you?

Explore our programs and discover the ways we can help you.

The BioCheck formula

Become a Biocheck partner

As a partner of BioCheck, you empower patients to regain control over their own recovery and energy.


Do you want to expand your knowledge of vitality and health? Learn more about the physical consequences and causes of stress and (chronic) fatigue. Discover how you can objectively and pragmatically interpret this in our software and learn to apply it to help your clients recover as effectively as possible.


With the BioCheck app, each customer has their personal app linked to the online dashboard, allowing you as a guide to monitor progress through e-health.

Real-time dashboard

Guiding clients on-site based on their individual values. Always up-to-date and everything in one environment.

Grow with us

Do you share our mission and want to contribute to a fit, resilient, and healthy society? Join our network and become a local partner in your region.


How can we make a difference together?
Explore our programs and discover the ways we can assist you or your patients.


How can I grow my business with BioCheck?

Would you like personalized advice on how BioCheck can be best implemented within your business or situation? Schedule an obligation-free conversation with one of our program advisors.

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Complete the contact form.

2. Advice

Within 2 working days, one of our program advisors will call you to help find the best solution for your business.

3. Results

 Witness the positive (business) results as soon as you start with BioCheck.

Our unique survival mechanism

Discover the cause & function of stress

Our stress system is a naturally good trait that prepares your body for physical exertion to increase the chances of survival. Unfortunately, in our modern world, this system also responds to non-life-threatening situations, such as a full inbox or that slightly too thrilling Netflix thriller. As a result, we constantly experience a low level of stress, and mental exhaustion and physical damage are increasingly on the horizon. Fortunately, you can help restore the functioning of your stress system and bring your body back into balance. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.


Download the flyer for our unique recovery program

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What can we help you with?

Frequently asked questions

If someone is not reachable by phone, we leave a voicemail, send an email to the respective person, and also send a text message.

The questionnaire must be filled out one day prior to the intake, ensuring the most up-to-date information about the client. Questions asked during the phone appointment can be found in the document “Sales Procedure Inbound.”

It depends on the situation. In many cases, the suitable program is clear before the intake. The intake, using gathered client data, finalizes the decision when there is uncertainty.

Refer to the “Sales Procedure Inbound” document for detailed guidance.

See the “Decision tree BioCheck for occupational health physicians” document for insights.

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