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Vitality, the Benny Neyman effect?

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VNO NCW Zorgpower: Energy management & Performance event

In 2030, 4 in 10 Dutch people will have a chronic disease. They can continue to work if they maintain their fitness. How do you get your employees to invest in their vitality? On May 18, Zorgpower of VNO NCW organized the Energy Management & Performance event in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. Patrick van Luijk, director of BioCheck, presented on what investment is needed in vitality in the workplace.

The corona period has shown that investing in resilience is of great importance. Vital employees are more productive and experience greater job satisfaction. This leads to less absenteeism and a vital company. What can you do yourself?

Tom van 't Hek Former general practitioner, top hockey player and coach of the women's hockey team

“I have been concerned with exercise and health all my life. It is not complicated to be for this. We are struggling a bit with the Benny Neyman effect: ‘I want to but I don’t know how’. We will provide guidance this afternoon.”


Gert-Jan Lammens Chairman Zorgpower

“451.000 unfilled vacancies, the Keteltunnel closed due to sick employees and a stalled Schiphol due to staff shortages: business processes are under pressure. The vitality of companies depends on the vitality of employees. According to the WHO, 5,3 million people worldwide die every year from inactivity and related diseases. The Netherlands invests 1 billion in preventive care and 80 billion in curative care. There is still a world to be won.”

Peter Blange Director Rotterdam Topsport

“We bring top sporting events to the city and make connections. Unfortunately, Rotterdam South appears on lists that you do not want to be on. This has to do with lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle and children who cannot exercise. That is precisely why we facilitate sports that are in line with the South. That is why we have opened a martial arts center so that local children can become acquainted with sports.”

Casper van Eijck Surgeon Erasmus MC

“Exercising helps you sleep better, which improves your immunity and makes you more resistant to viruses and diseases. Sleep 7 to 9 hours per night! My message to companies: Provide insight into how your employees are doing. Then you can do something with it. Be open to sports and facilitate vitality activities and basic things such as a good bicycle shed. And make sure you strike the right chord.”

Patrick van Luijk Partner BioCheck, ambassador Gezond010 and former top athlete

“We have vitality programs within organizations. Target groups that are not involved with it experience three barriers. The black swan effect: you only notice that you are unhealthy when it is too late. Time inconsistency: if I light a cigarette now, I don’t immediately get sick. Cause and effect are separated. And intention: the difference between wanting and doing. By measuring, we give people insight.

Yvonne van Duijnhoven Director of Public Health Rotterdam

“Have a (team) discussion about vitality: what do employees need? I am consciously working on it, but do not ignore it.”

Jeroen Kluytmans Employability Manager at DSM FIT

“We had budgets for vitality, but they were used by people who were already working on it. Now we start the conversation with employees: What do you need? We have trained 200 employees to become sustainability employability ambassadors. They inspire others. Make it small and make it an integral part of what you want to be as a company.”

Paul Keurentjes Co-founder of sports platform Inviplay

“We are a kind of marketplace of supply and demand. Make it as easy as possible for people, remove barriers and let them do a sport they enjoy.”

Jan Willem Landré Program leader Vital Business of VNO NCW

“We encourage SMEs to invest in the vitality of employees. This gives fit employees and more job satisfaction, productivity and returns. You can improve with small adjustments, such as fruit and water taps in the workplace, walking during meetings, encouraging cycling, one printer for the department instead of one on each desk. Don’t view vitality as preventing absenteeism, but about utilizing people’s potential.”


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