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Thanks to BioCheck, Kevin can finally work full-time

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“I am now doing things that I no longer dared to hope for”

After eight years of fruitless investigations In the hospital, Kevin Wien (29) took steps thanks to BioCheck no longer dared to hope. He works full-time for the first time and makes new friends.

The challenge

Vague complaints. Kevin had to deal with this about ten years ago. The Rotterdam native had stopped studying computer science and – to bridge the time until his new studies – worked for six months as a postal worker. Until he suddenly felt his heart beating in his throat and had high blood pressure. Despite ten or eleven hours of sleep, he had to take a nap in the afternoon to refuel. “I had no energy at all. My excess weight didn’t help,” says Kevin. “My world became smaller and smaller. I could hardly leave the house and friendships faded away.”

Emotional complaints soon arose. Kevin was irritable and would cry out of nowhere over the smallest things. It was no longer possible to work. The new study also did not materialize. No healthcare provider was able to really pinpoint the cause. A psychologist diagnosed autism. Unjustified, as later became apparent from more extensive psychological research at Erasmus MC. In the hospital, physical examinations revealed that his testosterone level was too low. “I got this under control with medication, which slowly gave me more energy. I was able to work a few hours a week again. But the penny really dropped when I saw BioCheck’s offer.”


The solution

Normally Kevin certainly does not read all the newsletters he receives by e-mail. But because he had just switched to health insurer VGZ – and because he was still looking for the solution to his complaints – he did open the VGZ newsletter in the summer of 2021. “It referred to the Biocheck-VGZ E-health program,” says Kevin. “It said things like: Do you want to have more energy at the end of the day?, Do you feel rushed and stressed during the day? en Do you want to work on your fitness, but don’t know where to start? Well, it seemed like that text was written especially for me! Only then did I really realize that I had most likely suffered from burnout-related complaints in all those years.”

Kevin registered and had an intake interview with coach Jamie a week later. “We talked extensively about my complaints and my main goal: to get more energy, so that I could work more and do other fun things. Jamie told me general things about the functioning of the human body, energy and combustion, nutrition, exercise and sleep. That was very enlightening. I also immediately started working on my breathing and movement, based on the heart rate measurements I took every morning. I have been completely committed to the program from the start. I was coached online by Jamie, who – simply by talking to me – has been half a psychologist for me.”

The results

The heart rate measurements provided support for Kevin. “When I start exercising, I want to go all out straight away. Otherwise I don’t think it has enough effect,” he says. “Thanks to BioCheck, I understand that you should always train within your capacity. This is how I slowly built up my fitness. I cycled around the Kralingse Plas until the app said I had made enough effort. In the beginning it was quick, but that moment came later and later. Through the breathing exercises I learned to relax well. After an effort, but also at times when I feel rushed.”

The pilot, which was fully reimbursed by VGZ, lasted three months. “A good foundation was laid during that period, but I wanted – and had to – take even more steps to work on my fitness and health.” That is why Kevin decided to continue using the BioCheck app independently, for a small amount per month. And to continue working on his recovery with dedication. “That investment was more than worth it to me. I started enjoying sports and exercise more and more. I lost weight and had more and more energy. That made me gain more and more confidence; in myself and in my body.”

The sequel

Over the past two years, Kevin has studied Social Care and has recently been employed full-time by the mental health organization Antes as an outpatient counselor. “That feels like a huge victory. In all those years I never thought I would be able to work full time, but now I am confident that I can do it. And that I also have enough energy to exercise or go to a concert in the evening. I recently went to Nick & Simon’s farewell concert in Ahoy. I was home at half past twelve at night, even though I had to work again the next morning. Previously this was unthinkable; then I wouldn’t even have the energy to go to that concert.”

Kevin continues: “My life no longer stands still, but is in full motion. I’m participating again. I also make new friends. I would never have been able to do this without BioCheck. I have taken steps that I no longer dared to hope for after eight years of fruitless investigations and misdiagnoses. Through my own efforts, but especially thanks to BioCheck, and especially coach Jamie. I am extremely grateful to them for that. I am going into the future full of energy!”

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