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Stay fit with the BioCheck-VGZ E-health program!

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Do you want to do fun things at the end of the day, but don’t have enough energy for that at the moment? Do you notice that you feel rushed and stressed throughout the day? Do you want to work on your health and fitness, but you don’t know how and where to start? Then join the BioCheck-VGZ E-health program!

With BioCheck you train at your own pace and within your own capacity using our app. You do this based on your daily physical morning measurement. This will give you better insight into your body, your resilience and recovery capacity. This is how you rebuild your fitness and energy step by step!

How does it work?

Did you know that actually everything you do is a form of work? Think of work, stress and illness. Did you know that caring for your family, meeting up with friends and checking social media is also work?

The ability to recover from this determines whether you stay fit or become more tired. Our autonomic nervous system plays an important role in this: it controls processes such as our heartbeat, breathing and digestion. This autonomic nervous system consists of two ‘modes’:

  • The parasympathetic: aimed at relaxing and recovering. In short: let off the gas
  • The sympathetic: focused on action and performance, the accelerator of our body

When you are ‘sympathetic’ for a long time (you press the accelerator for a long time), your body is less and less able to recover. When you sit still, your nervous system can remain just as active as someone who is moving. And that all day long. This can also affect your sleep. Can you imagine the impact this has on your vitality and energy levels?

Focus on the correct way of breathing

Our breathing is the only autonomic function that we can consciously influence. This autonomic function also influences the activity of your autonomous nervous system. At BioCheck we often see that people breathe incorrectly and especially too much for the work they perform. This means that your body remains ‘sympathetically’ active, even at rest: your body does not get the chance to properly recover and relax. During our respiratory therapy we teach you how you can improve this.

In addition, with the help of our BioCheck app you will exercise at a level at which your body is most balanced. This will improve your ability to recover step by step, increase your resilience and give you a larger energy supply. At the end of the day you feel more like doing things again!

Personal coaching online

Through the online platform you gain insight into your own measurements and progress and discuss the results with your BioCheck coach.

“During the program, the positive changes were quickly noticeable: I am less irritable and agitated, I have more energy and I now know how and when to de-stress my body. Among other things, I have learned to breathe and relax better. I really enjoyed exercising with the app and heart rate belt. The results and progress were so easy to follow.”

– Delsy, BioCheck participant

We also teach you to consciously manage your health: you follow an email course consisting of nine emails with information about the influence of stress on your body, how you can adopt a healthy diet and how the recovery process works in your body.

During the VGZ – BioCheck program you will work on the following four aspects:

  1. Measuring breathing, heart rate and heart rate rhythm with the BioCheck app.
  2. Cardio training based on your fitness level with the BioCheck app.
  3. An educational email course about healthy nutrition, vitality and the processes in our body, with personal coaching.
  4. Learning correct breathing.

Stay fit and participate!

Do you also want to get the most out of yourself again? In collaboration with BioCheck, VGZ is starting a pilot for 20 participants who want to participate in the e-Health lite program. Every Rotterdam resident who has insurance with VGZ can register. The process is fully reimbursed by VGZ. After an intake, participants receive the heart rate belt for daily measurements, access to the app and guidance. There is limited space, so register here to!


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