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Rehabilitation based on your heart rate and breathing

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Ronald is recovering after a serious operation and chemotherapy with BioCheck: “It gives me peace of mind that I am more aware of my health”

Ronald Dullemans has always lived a sporty life: he played football, ran and raced bicycles. He also had a busy life as a project manager at an IT company. Until he was unexpectedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the spring of 2019. His life was turned upside down: he underwent a complex operation, followed by a heavy course of chemotherapy of 12 treatments. After this treatment, Ronald was unable to rebuild his condition. He then decided to follow the BioCheck recovery program: “Since I started following the program, I feel much fitter. Now I run about 10 kilometers three times a week.”

An emergency operation

“I always sought relaxation through exercise,” says Ronald. “I still remember how quickly and unexpectedly it happened. On Easter Monday I ran 5 kilometers with my wife and cycled 40 kilometers with my daughter. Shortly afterwards we noticed that something was wrong: my skin and the whites of my eyes turned yellow, I was tired and my urine and stools turned different colors.” That same week Ronald went to the doctor. The GP immediately referred him to the emergency room and he had to stay in the hospital overnight. “The next day they discovered that there was a tumor in my pancreas. Yes, then your life will be turned upside down.”

Ronald went to the hospital four times a week for tests and results. “I was going to undergo chemotherapy, but internal bleeding was detected. Then they decided to operate on me urgently. The head of the pancreas, the duodenum, the gallbladder and part of the stomach were then removed.” It was a major six-hour operation. After the operation, Ronald underwent a course of chemotherapy of 12 treatments: “Each treatment lasted two and a half days. And you have that every two weeks.”

“I lost 18 kilos”

Ronald completed the heavy chemotherapy treatment at the end of December: “I had lost more than 18 kilos in the meantime, my condition was completely gone. I followed a rehabilitation program based on oncological physiotherapy, but it was more difficult for me than it made me fitter.” Together with his doctor Professor Casper van Eijck from Erasmus MC, Ronald looked for a better solution. He then came into contact with BioCheck via Sports Medicine Rotterdam: “I had an intake interview with Patrick van Luijk and then started the recovery program.”

Recover effectively within your own capacity

Through a combination of constructive cardio training and breathing therapy, Ronald worked on his body’s recovery capacity again at BioCheck. The progress of your training is monitored with the BioCheck app:

“I started training three times a week on the exercise bike, treadmill or cross trainer. To help your body recover better, take a rest measurement every morning with the heart rate belt and the app: you concentrate on relaxed breathing for six minutes. The app then calculates your recovery capacity and the difficulty of your training. You also wear a heart rate belt and use the app during cardio training: if your heart rate is too high, the app will send a signal. The app also indicates when you need to walk faster. This way you always train within your own zones, based on your heart rate.”

The recovery program consists of six blocks in which you train increasingly harder: “The recovery training is well structured – so you train harder at the end of one block than at the beginning of the next block, after which the size of the training within the block is further increased. is becoming. This dosed variety allows you to rebuild your fitness very well,” says Ronald.

Live more consciously and healthily

The recovery program takes place on location at BioCheck and consists of various components: theory, breathing therapy, cardio training, training on the vibration plate and a moment of rest. During the theory, participants receive lessons in small groups about what exactly happens in the body: during stress, at rest and how the recovery process works in the body.

“What the recovery program has brought me is much more awareness: how you can live a healthier life, especially through good breathing. That has brought me a certain peace. I led a hectic life with a family, work and sports: I just kept going. The last thing you do is think about yourself, when you should actually be thinking a lot more about yourself. Working on a healthy version of yourself is very important.”

At BioCheck there is a strong focus on breathing: “I didn’t realize that breathing is ultimately so important in the recovery process. In the beginning, during the daily rest measurements with the app, it takes some searching, but once you have mastered it you can also apply it. I saw in the graphs of the measurements that my breathing improved and noticed that my body was able to recover better and better after training,” says Ronald.

A successful end result

Ronald has now fully completed the recovery program. Block six ends with a final measurement and he has successfully completed this: “I feel much fitter and the results over the past blocks show an upward trend. I now run three times a week. I even registered for the half marathon in The Hague. So I can say with certainty that training based on your heart rate really works.” Ronald has achieved a special result, given his health situation:

“If you know that only 20% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer undergo surgery, and that only a small proportion of people survive the first year… We are now two years later and I just feel fit now. That is actually exceptional for this situation. It’s very special, I’m grateful and I like to be the exception to the rule.”

To maintain his health, Ronald is now starting to work on BioCheck’s Vitality Program: “I think it is a great way to continue working on my health with this method.”


“My family has been very supportive”

“When you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your life becomes one Rollercoaster”, says Ronald. “Everything is new to you, you get advice and you go through it. I am very lucky to have a family that supports me enormously. My son said to me: ‘Dad, you are not going to be in sackcloth, stay positive and we will do our best.’”

Ronald continued to see the positive side, despite the difficult moments: “Of course it is sometimes very difficult, but my positive attitude to life has pulled me through. Also during the rehabilitation process and training: you have to make time for it and you have to want it. And if you really want it, you will succeed.”

About the Recovery Program
BioCheck’s recovery program focuses entirely on effective and proper recovery of the body. When the body is too tired or overloaded, it cannot recover properly to replenish the energy stores in your body. Would you like to know more about the various recovery and vitality programs that BioCheck offers? Please feel free to contact us for the options:


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