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Powered by BioCheck: recovery and vitality programs now also in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

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You just have to dare; starting a new vitality company in the middle of the corona crisis. Bauke Boon (35) and his colleagues Pim Lexmond and Maxim Maertens from Terneuzen took the plunge. Not quite in the deep end – FITR company was split from fitness club Bodyline Healthcenter – but still. Fortunately, things are going well. FITR company focuses on the individual guidance of patients who are working on recovery and want to improve their vitality. In this context, the brand new company recently signed up as a Powered by BioCheck partner. A collaboration that is already very satisfying.

Separate vitality domain

“Bodyline Healthcenter became too extensive,” says Bauke. “We work a lot with De Honte hospital and other healthcare institutions of ZorgSaam Zorggroep. For example, by offering smaller and individual health and vitality programs to patients. But the daily routine in a fitness club is different from that in a vitality domain. It became increasingly difficult to combine the two. We then made the decision and split the business.”

At the beginning of this year, the vitality domain was transferred to the FITR company and Bodyline continued as a fitness school. “A good decision,” says Bauke. “With FITR we can expand our activities for those specialist groups. There is a lot of demand for this and, given the fact that the aging population in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is increasing, this will not decrease for the time being. For example, we have a rehabilitation program for heart patients and a recovery from Covid program. There are also plans for a training program for back problems and we want to do something for oncology patients.”

“We can now fully focus on our role as coach”

Powered by BioCheck: ready-to-use program

So plenty to do. Why then the collaboration with BioCheck? “We want to continue to expand our offering,” Bauke explains. “Our fitness equipment supplier Matrix Fitness told us about BioCheck. He thought the program would fit perfectly with our ambitions with FITR company. And he was right, we were immediately charmed by the Powered by BioCheck principle. It is completely focused on the individual, just like our other programs. But we found the fact that you get a ready-to-use program that is fully developed and scientifically proven to be a big plus. We have developed the current vitality programs at FITR company ourselves. That takes a lot of time. We can skip that step with the BioCheck program. We can fully focus on our role as coach.”

Bauke and his colleagues started the Powered by BioCheck adventure about six months ago. After completing the BioCheck training and preparing the treatment rooms, they received the app, software and oxygen generators from BioCheck. The first group of participants recently started a pilot project. They follow the BioCheck Vitality Program or the Recovery Program to recover from a burnout.

First experiences with the BioCheck program

“That’s going very well,” says Bauke. “Thanks to the special software, I can monitor exactly how a client responds to the exercises and training; the breathing, the heartbeat – everything. Not only at that moment, but also afterwards. This method is ideal, there is always control. That is also pleasant for the participant and at the same time a kind of extra incentive. Burnout patients are in any case very motivated to get better, but I notice that the BioCheck method gives them that extra push.

Bauke is very pleased with the methodical structure of the program. “The app provides a lot of structure and guidance. The scientific substantiation and the fact that all tests are checked by BioCheck also give the program something extra. And the focus on breathing of course, that factor is much less discussed in most other vitality or recovery processes.

It is also very nice for us that the BioCheck method has already been proven. As a coach/trainer, you do not have to discuss the content or effect of the training with the client. That’s fixed. In addition, I like that I can now focus much more on the person themselves. Instead of a trainer, I am now much more of a coach. You can go much more in depth. There is some mental guidance involved. For example, I consult with the client about his or her home situation, whether the partner is aware of the exercise schedule, things like that. You really build a personal bond, I think that’s great.”

“Breathing therapy helps, our clients benefit greatly from it”

Positive responses from participants

The participants are also enthusiastic about the BioCheck method. Bauke receives many positive reactions, especially about the breathing exercises. “Burnout often involves people who are quite perfectionistic. Who are constantly ‘on’ and constantly feel agitated. Their sympathetic nervous system is overstimulated because they unconsciously breathe incorrectly. This causes many complaints, including a high heart rate. BioCheck breathing therapy helps, we hear from our clients that they benefit greatly from it. They really feel calmer and less tired after those exercises. They have more balance. The ‘mandatory’ moments of rest in between are also experienced as very pleasant.”

Future plans with BioCheck

After the pilot group, a new group will undoubtedly start, Bauke thinks. Burnout recovery programs are in high demand, especially from the healthcare sector. “The pressure on healthcare has increased enormously in recent years. Even now that the peak has passed, the sector continues to grow. And we see this reflected in complaints such as burnout. I notice that employers also have an increasing need for knowledge. Many managers want to know from us how they can recognize burnout among their employees to prevent staff turnover. BioCheck also provides a lot of information about this.”

Whether FITR company is already thinking about expansion? “Absolute! We will open a second branch in Oostburg early next year. In due course we also want to set up a BioCheck room in Hulst. With our location in Terneuzen, we are active in three municipalities in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. We actually dream of a complete health center in which we can offer all our services. BioCheck will of course then have a permanent place in the range; it is a program that we believe in very strongly!”

Would you like to know more about the various recovery and vitality programs that BioCheck offers? Or about the opportunities to become a Powered by BioCheck partner? Please feel free to contact us for the options:


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