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Peter is recovering from an inflamed pericardium with BioCheck

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Peter is recovering from an inflamed pericardium with BioCheck

‘I now listen to my body better’

The challenge

November 19, 2021. Peter van Dijk will not soon forget that date. In the morning he would go to Limburg to carry out a measurement for his employer Joulz. In the evening he was in an ambulance and was rushed to hospital. There it turned out that he had an inflammation of his pericardium. ‘I had been feeling worse for a few days, a bit ups en downs. That day it became increasingly difficult to breathe. The oxygen level in my blood turned out to be very low. I didn’t know what happened to me. In my mind I already said goodbye to my loved ones, like this weird I felt.’

The next morning Peter woke up in the coronary care unit. Thanks to medication, the inflammation was under control. Not much later he was released from the hospital, with the announcement that he was not allowed to work for the time being. ‘The situation really hit me hard. On the one hand physically; if I took two steps, I was devastated. But also mentally. I started grinding. I’ll retire next year; I would like to achieve that as healthily as possible. I also wondered what the cause could have been. The doctors suspected neglected pneumonia, which may have inflamed the pericardium. I think stress also played a role. I always kept going at work. I was also on the works council. And in private there were things going on around close family members that I cared about.’


The solution

Together with his employer Joulz, Peter looked for a solution to return to the workplace step by step. “After I discussed my complaints with the company doctor, she recommended the BioCheck recovery program,” says Peter. ‘She had followed a BioCheck program herself and had positive experiences. I was immediately enthusiastic when she told me about it. I was eager to recover. Because I have played sports all my life – football, tennis and in recent years fitness – it appealed to me that exercise is an important part of BioCheck’s programs.’

The results

Peter started the Recovery Program in mid-January 2022 – two months after his hospitalization. He was supervised at the BioCheck location three times a week for eighteen weeks. In addition to training, this program consists of education in small groups of a maximum of six people and breathing exercises.

Peter: ‘I immediately felt at home. Already in the first two weeks I noticed that I was working on the breathing exercises. I was much more relaxed, slept much better and really relaxed. I also learned a lot about the best way to train. Thanks to the measurements via the app, I knew exactly what my maximum load capacity was for that day’s training. This way I never went too deep and I made enormous strides in my physical recovery.’

Mentally, he benefited a lot from the other participants. ‘My group mainly included people who recovered from burnout complaints and Long COVID. In that sense I was perhaps the happiest of the bunch. We laughed together and cried together. During the group discussions that started each session, everyone was very open. Almost everyone has gone through a deep valley. If someone talks about it emotionally, you’re going to get the ax yourself. But that’s only a good thing. It helps with processing. In addition, the other participants helped me through when I was having a hard time during the last three weeks of the program.’

During the process, Peter slowly started working again. ‘A few hours a week. And I initially only worked on the days I trained at BioCheck. On the other days I could rest well. So I slowly built it up again. I now work four full days again. That’s going quite well.’

The sequel

Peter completed the Recovery Program in May 2022. Since then, he has regularly cycled with his wife and trained for himself at the gym twice a week. ‘I train on Tuesdays and Fridays, because I am free on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Then I can calmly recover from the efforts. I still use the BioCheck app, so that I know exactly at what intensity I can train. I really like that you can still use the app after the program.’

‘The main difference with before is that I no longer always push myself to the limit at work,’ Peter concludes. ‘When I get tired, I stop. When I’m stressed, I pull the car over to the side of the road and do my breathing exercises. Thanks to BioCheck I have really learned to listen to my body better. I especially want to retire quietly in the coming year and enjoy my first grandchild. That is really the most important thing in life for me now.’

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Would you like to know more about the various recovery and vitality programs that BioCheck offers? Look at this page or contact us without obligation for the possibilities, via


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