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Patrick van Luijk: Why BioCheck is leading the way in combining top sport and science

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Entrepreneurship is sometimes like top sport, Patrick van Luijk knows all about that. As the founder of BioCheck, he is active in getting and keeping you or your employees fit. Why is stress actually good? And are the tools that BioCheck offers really free? Read all about it in our interview with Patrick.

The run-up

‘If I do something, whether as a former top athlete or now as an entrepreneur, I go all in. Originally I was an athlete, now I ‘am’ an entrepreneur. Naturally, I will take with me the knowledge and experience I have gained as an athlete. But, I don’t believe that as a human being you ‘are something’. You are mens and as a human being you have certain roles. I am a father, partner, entrepreneur, and so on. What you are does not depend on one role. If you attach too much value to who you ‘are’, but you end up with a burnout, who are you as a person? I think it is important that we see these separately. This can make certain (processing) processes in life easier. I also have experience with this myself: During my sports career I was the father of twins, partner, trained every day at Papendal or Apeldoorn, drove back and forth to Rotterdam, gave personal training in the morning and in the evening I worked on all my ideas. out.’

“If you attach too much value to who you ‘are’, and you end up with a burnout, who are you as a person?”

– Patrick van Luijk

Objectifying fitness

‘This lasted about a year and a half. Just before the European Athletics Championships finals in 2016, I ate something wrong, became very ill and had to force myself to perform. That went well in the end, but the consequences came the next day. I started having severe tingling in my fingers and arms. That radiated through almost my entire body at night. I ended up spending five days in the hospital, where they thought I had Guillain-Barré disease. There I realized that sport was no longer the most important thing for me, but that I could function normally. The toll I had to pay made me realize that there are more people who (want to) perform too hard. I have always kept that in mind with regard to knowledge sharing from the BioCheck program. During my sports career, everything was strict and objective: you are first or you are not. When in doubt you had a photo finish, there was no room for nuance. At the same time I gave a lot of (company) training and presentations, and had a group of people that I made fit as trainers. I wanted to objectify the fitness outcome, because when is someone ‘fit’? I started looking for the right definition.’



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