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Patrick van Luijk sidekick at radioprogramme RijnmondFit!

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A lot of knowhow

We started the new year well on Monday January 4! Former Olympian and Gezond010 ambassador Patrick van Luijk was a guest on Rijnmond’s new radio program: RijnmondFit! Gezond010 and Rijnmond will help all Rotterdam residents on their way to a healthy and vital lifestyle throughout the month of January. Via radio, TV and the website, various health experts and our own Patrick van Luijk give Rotterdam residents tips on nutrition, exercise and mental well-being.

Good intentions

The entire broadcast on January 4 was all about getting and staying fit. How do you keep your good intentions? Why is good breathing so important? What kind of food helps your body recover better? Presenter Erik Lemmers discussed all these topics together with sidekick Patrick van Luijk.

The good intention in 2021? Start getting and staying healthy! If you have good intentions, what is the best way to keep them? “Make your good intentions as small as possible. For example, if you want to quit smoking, don’t make the step too big: start smoking half a pack a day instead of a whole pack, and make the step to quit smaller for yourself. This way you can achieve your goals more easily and you will always experience a moment of happiness,” Patrick explains.

Burnout? Make sure your body can recover in rest

Of course, it was also about BioCheck and how the BioCheck method and treatment programs help people with burnout or (extreme) fatigue complaints to recover. Patrick: “It is important that your body can continue to recover while resting. If you constantly experience too much stress, your body can no longer recover properly. Your resilience decreases and that makes you feel exhausted at the end of the day. At BioCheck we use a data-driven method: we teach the body to switch between moments of relaxation and moments of performance, based on data from our BioCheck app.”

How does this data-driven method work? Patrick: “We measure the participant’s heart variability with a heart rate belt. This heart rate belt is linked to the BioCheck app. In addition, we use a training protocol to gradually bring your body back into balance. We do this through breathing and movement.”

BioCheck method also used when diagnosing pancreatic cancer

Ronald Dullemans talked about his experience with the BioCheck recovery program during the broadcast. Ronald was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of April 2019; He underwent major surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy and had lost 15 kilos. As a result, he had very little energy, while previously he had always exercised a lot and was in good condition.

After the operation and chemotherapy, Ronald was unable to regain fitness: he remained tired. Pancreatic cancer specialist and surgeon Casper van Eijck from the Erasmus MC referred him to Sports Medicine Rotterdam. This sports medical center then referred him to BioCheck. Ronald: “The program and Patrick’s guidance have helped me enormously to improve my recovery capacity. I am much more rested and have recovered physically. You may not believe it, but after 18 weeks of training at BioCheck, I now run 12 kilometers three times a week!”

Learning good breathing

At the end of the broadcast, lung function analyst and co-founder of BioCheck Stans van der Poel called into the studio. Stans explained why a daily breathing exercise can contribute to more effective recovery of your body. Stans: “If you breathe “wrong” or too much, your body is more likely to burn sugar and therefore be in fight-or-flight mode. This costs your body a lot of energy to replenish those supplies. If you breathe “properly”, your body is burning fat and that costs our body much less energy.”

Stans then demonstrated a breathing exercise: “Breathe in a little, breathe out a little and then wait a moment before taking the next breath. Your heart rate drops by doing this exercise. You do the breathing exercise for between 6 and 10 minutes per day. The right way to breathe can improve your health!”

Healthy recipes and FitVideos

During the RijnmondFit series, attention is paid weekly not only to exercise, but of course also to healthy nutrition. That is why there is a new healthy recipe from Gezond010 partner every week in January MoveDis online on the Rijnmond website. Don’t forget to watch the FitVideos with Patrick! This week: get up handless! Just try to do it at least 5 times! Do you want to know how to do this exercise? watch the video here.

Start 2021 healthy with Rijnmond! RijnmondFit on the radio with Erik Lemmers: Monday 4, 11, 18 and 25 January from 10.00 a.m. to 13.00 p.m., via During these four broadcasts, Patrick van Luijk will talk to various Gezond010 lifestyle experts as a sidekick.

Want to listen back to the broadcast? Which can here.


Veel knowhow

‘Buiten het ErasmusMC en BioCheck is ook de TU Delft betrokken bij dit programma. Een mooie samenwerking van drie organisaties met veel knowhow die elkaar aanvullen. In tweede instantie, dus na het uitrollen van het preventieprogramma, gaan we met BioCheck een gezamenlijk onderzoek doen naar de effectiviteit van het BioCheck-programma. Dit onderzoek zijn we nu aan het ontwikkelen, hopelijk krijgen we hier subsidie of externe financiering voor’, aldus Popken.



Van Luijk: ‘Dit gezamenlijk onderzoek gaan we doen op het gebied van herstelvermogen, ademhaling en HRV, ofwel variatie in hartslag. Het doel hiervan is om medewerkers van het Erasmus MC meer regie te geven over hun herstelvermogen en energiecapaciteit. We hopen dat dit bij medewerkers leidt tot een daling van de ervaring van de werkdruk en een toename van energie.’


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