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More vital and resilient with the BioCheck eHealth program

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Fred Lafeber: “BioCheck's innovative method offers each participant personal lifestyle advice and training on a scientific basis”

Fred Lafeber works as Policy Coordinator for Innovation and Healthcare Innovation at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). Due to a lot of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to participate in BioCheck’s eHealth program in May last year: “I was very enthusiastic and curious about the innovative aspect of the method of the program and wanted to strengthen my own vitality.”

“Erik Gerritsen, then Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, offered us BioCheck’s eHealth program for prevention and because of working from home during corona times. From my own position, I was very curious about the concept, especially training with the app and the heart rate belt.” Fred followed the program for six months, training two to three times a week and having a monthly progress meeting with Patrick van Luijk: “Six months is quite a long time, but I thought it was a very nice routine to keep moving.”

Get fitter during corona time

“I noticed the impact the corona period had on me: because you work from home you sit a lot more, for example. I also noticed that my family members sometimes found it difficult, such as with my children who had to follow online education. The program came at exactly the right time for me.”

Fred trained by cycling outside: “Step by step you train more and more intensively, but at your own pace. The heart rate belt that is linked to the BioCheck app measures how fast you can go. With my earphones in, I listened to the app to see whether I should cycle faster or slower.” He also worked on his breathing before and after training.

During the discussions with Patrick, it turned out that the corona period had more influence on his vitality than he initially thought: “I didn’t really realize it when I started, I just thought I needed to exercise more. As the program progressed, I noticed that this period had an impact on me, including for me.”

Learn to breathe calmly

Fred also worked on his breathing. In the morning, after training and sometimes in between. “Every morning I did the breathing exercise with the app for six minutes. The app then calculated how hard you could train based on your heart rate and breathing frequency. Particularly based on those measurements, Patrick was able to clearly indicate where things could be improved in terms of my vitality.”

The app also gives you the option to take a measurement with the heart rate belt while you are at work: “You then clearly see that you are actually always ‘on’. While working, the measured values ​​were disappointing: my heart rate was too high and my breathing was too restless. Even though I exercised two to three times a week according to the program. I didn’t even realize this until I discussed the measurements with Patrick. That is why learning good breathing is so important, so that you learn to relax again.”

“You become aware of what happens in your body when you have to perform. People often don’t realize how stressed they are when they are at work. They receive one stimulus after another, they are constantly ‘on’ and keep going. That is why it is so important to learn how to rest again during work. This way you clear your head and don’t let yourself be distracted by other things. Moreover, it also helps: my fitness improved and I was able to continue cycling for longer. In addition, I was able to concentrate better on my work.”

Personal, tailor-made advice

“I think the innovative thing about BioCheck’s method is that you can use the app to measure at different times, exactly when you need it or want to know what is happening in your body at that moment. In addition, the app can interpret your physical performance in a scientific way. Based on this data, you will receive very personal advice on how you can do better. You see that more and more in these types of programs and that is also the innovative aspect of how BioCheck works.”

An extra investment in your own health

“I have learned that it is extremely important to keep moving. Especially when working from home, you sometimes don’t realize that you are much less active. I now go for walks more regularly, for example after I finish work. Then I’ll go outside for a while.”

Fred is also now trying to work more relaxed: “If I notice that I am ‘running’ emotionally or mentally during work, I take a moment to do the breathing exercise.”

“The great thing about the program is that you learn and see what your body does when it is exercising, when it is at rest and when you are working. That variety and the connection between them gives you a lot of insight into how you are doing.”

“I recommend the program, especially at a preventive level. I think many of the people who work in the office don’t have burnout, but they are close to it. These people absolutely benefit from investing in their health and vitality through this method. Because that saves time and is cheaper. Ultimately, it is of course better to prevent burnout than to get rid of it.”

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