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IJsselland Hospital uses BioCheck programs for employees with various complaints

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BioCheck programs can be offered to sick employees of the IJsselland Hospital in Capelle aan den IJssel. Employees with various complaints benefited from it and returned to work more quickly.   


The challenge

The demand for care is increasing, as is the shortage of healthcare personnel. This also leads to an increasingly higher workload at the IJsselland Hospital. Particularly for employees in hectic departments such as emergency departments or intensive care. This only increased during the corona pandemic. “But we were already struggling with a high workload before the pandemic,” says Marjolijn Clarenbach Rispens. She was registered case manager for absenteeism within the hospital for more than five and a half years (until June 2022) and program manager of Fit@Work for one year. In that role she was closely involved in the collaboration between BioCheck and the IJsselland Hospital.


Fit@Work is a strategic program that is anchored in the organization of the IJsselland hospital. It focuses on the vitality and employability of employees. ‘Through Fit@Work we offer our employees all kinds of accessible healthcare solutions for free,’ says Marjolijn. ‘Lifestyle interventions, but also mental and physical programs. Employees can also go to the gym or purchase a bicycle through us at an affordable rate. But no matter what you do in prevention, sometimes fatigue or burnout complaints cannot be prevented. If employees require specific medical interventions, this is done through the company doctor. We have a pool of permanent care providers that we can deploy if the company doctor deems this necessary.’

The solution

In 2018, two employees at IJsselland appeared to need professional help after they dropped out with burnout complaints. Tessa Kouwenhoven was at the time seconded to IJsselland as a company doctor from Erasmus MC. ‘She already knew the BioCheck programs and advised the employees to follow the recovery program,’ says Marjolijn. ‘The results were good. That aroused my interest, also with a view to Fit@Work. Because the workload was certainly not going to decrease, I thought it would be interesting to enter into a collaboration with BioCheck. BioCheck’s programs are different from other recovery programs. Participants really have to work actively, whereas with a psychologist they go through their recovery process more passively.’

 All BioCheck programs now have a permanent place in the so-called provider arch of the IJsselland. ‘We have already used all the programs,’ says Marjolijn. ‘Several colleagues with fatigue or burnout complaints have followed the recovery program. A colleague with long covid is currently following the EHealth program. A colleague with Crohn’s disease also benefited from it. She was very motivated to work, but was physically unable to maintain this due to her illness. She followed the vitality program. A colleague with back problems also completed one of the programs. BioCheck’s programs can therefore be used very broadly, for people with various complaints.’

The results

In all cases, employees of the IJsselland Hospital returned to the workplace earlier after participating. ‘That is of course very pleasant for the employees concerned,’ says Marjolijn, who of course also views participation through the employer’s lens. ‘And then I only see advantages. Our employees return to work faster and are more energetic. I always compare it to a monthly salary, because that is approximately the investment for us as an employer. If your employees return months earlier, it will be well worth it. Also because employees really appreciate that we as an employer are actively committed to their recovery.’

Marjolijn also heard positive stories about the content of the programs. ‘Many people find it difficult at first. We have quite a few older employees who are not necessarily used to sports. Then it is quite a challenge to exercise three times a week for eighteen weeks. But what I also hear is that they all see results quickly. The fact that you have to measure your values every day helps with this. As a result, colleagues are really busy with their recovery or improvement process. That motivates.’

‘Moreover, it is good that the program sets boundaries,’ Marjolijn continues. ‘People with burnout complaints are more likely to push themselves beyond their limits.’ The group process is also experienced as pleasant. ‘Participants inspire and motivate each other. Not only by training together and doing breathing exercises, but also by talking to each other about their complaints.’

The sequel

Even after Marjolijn’s departure from the IJsselland Hospital, the collaboration continues. ‘BioCheck’s programs have a permanent place in the offering,’ she says. Marjolijn even expects that more and more employees will use one of the programs. ‘In the future, IJsselland will pay even more attention to prevention and early detection of complaints. This may result in more potential participants in the preventive programs, perhaps at group or department level. I certainly cannot rule that out, because BioCheck has clearly proven its value in the IJsselland.’

Would you like to know more about the various recovery and vitality programs that BioCheck offers? Look at this page or contact us without obligation for the possibilities, via



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