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ICU doctor Julien is back to work fully after a burnout

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“Exercising makes you feel more energetic and makes your body more resilient

Julien van Oosten (32), ICU doctor and scientific researcher at Erasmus MC, recovered from his burnout thanks to the BioCheck recovery program. He now works full-time again and stays fit, partly thanks to our app.

The Challenge

A reward for the hard work. This is how it felt for Julien van Oosten when he started working as an ICU doctor and scientific researcher at Erasmus MC in December 2021 after years of studying. He immediately became busy, as the Covid-19 pandemic had just reached a new peak. In addition, within two months he had to deal with a patient case, which had a major impact on his (private) life. “Mentally things seemed to be going well; I wasn’t that concerned with it. At least, that’s what I thought,” says Julien. His body told a different story. “I started getting strange tingling and cramps in my thighs, and I was also sleeping worse and worse. I got Covid on top of that. Still, I kept going. Until I started suffering from panic attacks in May or June 2022. Then it stopped working.”

Julien dropped out; could no longer work. “Also because I work with people who are fighting for their health and often their lives. You don’t want to and shouldn’t take any risks with that.” The psychologist at Erasmus MC diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “My anxiety system was constantly triggered; that caused chronic stress, which in turn led to burnout.” Julien started exercising on the advice of the doctor and also worked with a physiotherapist on his recovery. “That did not help enough, I continued to have problems with my concentration. One of our Occupational Health and Safety Doctors then recommended BioCheck, from personal experience.”

The solution

Julien followed the Recovery Program, our curative program for people who have lost work and experience stress and burnout complaints. “I immediately believed in BioCheck’s vision that exercise helps in recovery from these types of complaints. As a doctor, I naturally also appreciated the fact that the program is based on scientific research,” says Julien. “Talking to a psychologist also helped me enormously, but only in combination with exercise. Exercising makes you feel more energetic and makes your body more resilient. The BioCheck story immediately made sense, I recognized almost all the complaints and situations that were outlined during the intake.”

From November 2022, Julien worked on his recovery for eighteen weeks. He did this partly at our training location and partly in a gym in his own hometown. “Partly due to travel time, it was difficult for me to train at BioCheck three times a week. In addition, the educational sessions were slightly less relevant to me, because as a doctor I know the body well. It was nice that this customization was possible,” says Julien.

The results

Julien noticed the effect within three to four weeks. “I was able to concentrate better again and was less likely to be overstimulated. In addition, exercising gave me more peace of mind. I was soon able to resume my work as a scientific researcher. Since May 1, 2023, just under six months after I started at BioCheck, I have been working as a doctor in the ICU again and am therefore available full-time again.”

“Although it cannot be scientifically proven, I am convinced that without the BioCheck program I would have returned to work less quickly and less well,” Julien continues. “I am very satisfied with the entire process at BioCheck and know that I can now handle stress better and recognize it earlier.”

The sequel

After Julien completed the Recovery Program, he continued training for himself with the BioCheck app. “The app gives me something to hold on to,” says Julien. “I notice that I am increasingly able to assess how I feel. I then use the measurements via the app as a check. I take with me the theoretical information and practical tools that I received during the process. I regularly use breathing exercises. And if I develop long-term stress complaints again, I know how to tackle this so that I can prevent a new burnout. But for now I feel like my old self again!”

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