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Former Olympian launches new app against fatigue

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  • Valentine’s Day: take care of yourself with this new app
  • Human voice in app helps you combat fatigue and burnout

Rotterdam, February 14, 2022 – Not being able to say no, regularly working overtime, a busy social life and the constant stimuli of social media. These are all factors that provide activity for your body and mind. If this continues for a long time, at a certain point you will be less and less able to recover, even at rest. Your energy supplies become depleted, resulting in (chronic) fatigue and burnout complaints. Research shows that 1 in 3 workers is experiencing increasing work stress and more than 1 in 5 is on the verge of burnout. For these reasons, former Olympian Patrick van Luijk, co-founder of the Rotterdam recovery and vitality center BioCheck, is launching today – on Valentine’s Day – a new app with a human voice that guides and encourages you when you are training or trying to relax. come.

“The BioCheck program has really been an eye-opener for me. I learned a lot about stress and straining your body – and I also started working on my fitness in a structured way with the help of the app. As a result, I recovered from my burnout and was able to return to my work fit and vital,” says Erik Zevenbergen, director of Diergaarde Blijdorp.

Get to work 50% earlier

Burnout is at the top of the list of occupational diseases and has an enormous impact on your health and career. The average burnout lasts 242 working days. That’s about 11 months. However, most BioCheck participants can get back to work much sooner thanks to BioCheck’s support and guidance. They often return to work 50% earlier. “Using our method, we have now helped hundreds of people to become fit and vital again for the long term, to enjoy life and to enjoy working,” says Patrick van Luijk.

Stans van der Poel, former lung function analyst, is the developer and inventor of the scientifically based BioCheck treatment method: “Where many burnout programs mainly focus on the mental aspects of a burnout, at BioCheck we combine the mental aspects precisely with the physical one. We bring the body back into balance with the help of exercise, rest and correct breathing. And combine this with education about the causes and consequences of stress, the resilience of your body and how you can best recover. With the app and heart rate belt, the participant gains insight – objectively in figures – into their own recovery capacity and progress.”

App: measures your heart rate

Every morning you measure your breathing and heart rate with the app and heart rate belt. Based on this measurement, the app then calculates your recovery capacity for that day. The app then takes this recovery capacity into account in the calculations to ensure that you exercise exactly within the ideal values ​​for you that day. If you are going to train that day, you can use the app to train exactly at your own pace and within your personal workload for that day. This way you build up your fitness and energy step by step.

BioCheck new app

The new BioCheck app even has a built-in ‘human companion’; a real (human) voice that guides you during your training and gives tips and tricks when you have taken your rest measurements. Furthermore, nudges (small incentives) have been built into the app to trigger participants in areas such as breathing, sleep, exercise, but also nutrition. Training schedules (for 10 km, half marathon and full marathon) will also be available soon. This way you can continue to build up your vitality after following a BioCheck program and perhaps even participate in competitions.

The BioCheck method, consisting of the app, heart rate belt, programs and education, combats complaints by tackling the source of the problem: by gaining insight into your own resilience, you gain better physical and mental balance. This means you recover faster and prevent a relapse. This method can also be used preventively to prevent burnout complaints by maintaining good mental and physical balance.

Want to know more about the new BioCheck app? Watch the video with Erik Zevenbergen, director of Diergaarde Blijdorp.


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