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DA Drogist will collaborate with BioCheck

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Check your stress and fatigue online: personal advice

Rotterdam, September 25, 2020 – Drugstore chain DA will collaborate with the Rotterdam
recovery and vitality center BioCheck of Rotterdam top sprinter and former Olympic athlete Patrick van Luijk and lung function analyst Stans van der Poel. The drugstore chain is taking its Health Checks to a new level: starting today, Vitality Day, consumers can gain digital insight into their level of fatigue with the help of BioCheck. Based on the score, a follow-up appointment can be made in the pilot store of the drugstore in Delft for additional personal measurements and advice. This will also be possible at other DA Drogist branches during the year .

Van Luijk, who won silver in the 200 meters and gold with the 4×100 meter relay team at the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki (2012) , has been using the
method developed and scientifically researched by Stans van der Poel for years to help people recover at rest. “With our BioCheck app we look at the activity of the autonomic nervous system in real time based on time differences between
heart rate times. The greater the variation between heart rate times, the more relaxed you are. If you have this variation to a (much) lesser extent, then there may be stress and fatigue, for example. Using this method, we have now helped hundreds of people to return to work fit and vital and enjoy life again. We are very pleased that DA Drogist will now also offer our method both online and offline in stores.”

Chronic fatigue and measuring resilience
Not being able to say no, regularly working overtime, the constant stimuli of social media, tasks
at home; These are all factors that prevent someone from recovering properly at some point
. Not even at rest. As a result, energy reserves are depleted and
resilience continues to decrease, resulting in (chronic) fatigue or even burnout.
BioCheck breaks the vicious circle by mapping personal resilience. Stress activities at rest are measured using,
among other things, the BioCheck app. In someone who has a burnout, the body is sometimes as active at rest as when someone is running 5 km as fast as possible. The BioCheck app shows the recovery capacity at rest and the resilience. The app calculates at what level (number of heartbeats per minute) you need to train to regain balance. With the help of physical training such as cycling, walking and rowing within the individual daily possibilities, the load capacity is then gradually increased again. Learning to breathe properly at rest plays a very important role in learning to recover properly after (physical) work. This is also measured and adjusted.

How tired are you? Do the Fatigue Check at DA Drogist
DA Drogist has been giving consumers the opportunity to do certain Health Checks in the store for some time, such as a glucose check and a body check. This now also
includes an online Fatigue Check. DA Drogist uses a scientifically validated form that BioCheck uses to map fatigue. The ‘fatigue score’ is calculated based on the answers. The consumer immediately receives the results and advice online and can then schedule a physical measurement at the DA location in Delft. This is also possible with various other BioCheck partners throughout the country who specialize in vitality and health.
The DA branch in Delft on Troelstralaan has the scoop. Here, on September 25 – Vitality Day – consumers can for the first time receive personal advice using the BioCheck method to tackle or prevent fatigue complaints. This will also be possible at other DA Drogist branches during the year. Want to know more about your own state of fatigue and how you can best deal with it? Go to the DA website:


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