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Corné recovers from fatigue thanks to BioCheck

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Corné de Goeij (56) has recovered from fatigue complaints thanks to BioCheck. That is especially nice for him, but also for his family, his employer and his cycling buddies. He tells how he experienced the recovery program at BioCheck.

Basketball. Triathlon. Cycling. Corné de Goeij from Gorinchem has been a fanatical athlete all his life. He cycles with a group several times a week. Until at the beginning of 2021 it suddenly becomes no longer that easy. ‘Where I used to set the pace, I suddenly found myself panting on the last wheel. Already we drove up pace zero, for me it felt like I was driving a great classic,” he says. ‘After such a ride I lay flat for three days. Even if I had walked up the stairs, I had to lie down for a while. My cycling buddies said: it’s mental. But I was sure it was physical complaints.’

Negative tests, but Long Covid

Corné was tested for COVID-19 at the GGD no fewer than seven times. The result was negative seven times. Because his energy level remained so low, he visited the doctor at the end of April. ‘Blood tests showed that I had antibodies against corona in my blood. I probably contracted a corona infection sometime in 2020. The GP diagnosed Long Covid. One of the characteristics is that your body is constantly in “flight or fight mode”, just like with burnouts and chronic fatigue syndrome. You are unable to relax. If you just carry on – as I did, like many others – then it doesn’t help.’

Empty battery and brain fog

The moment was inevitable when Corné had to resign from his job as project manager at IT company CGI. ‘I was working from home on a large project, but that just wasn’t possible anymore. The battery could no longer be charged. I also had difficulty concentrating. When I was reading a document, after half a page I thought: what have I actually read? Brain fogthey call it. In addition, I was quite irritable. If something didn’t go my way at home, I would immediately jump out of my skin. I realized that I had to look for a solution. It couldn’t go on like this.’

Measuring is knowing

In his search, Corné came across BioCheck. ‘The combination of tackling fatigue and building up my fitness through exercise appealed to me. I suggested it to my employer. He had good experiences with it, because several colleagues with burnout had followed a recovery program at BioCheck. After an initial intake interview with Patrick van Luijk, I became further convinced. He really knew how to understand my complaints. In addition, the use of data naturally appealed to me as an IT professional. Measuring is knowing. That was also quickly confirmed. If I had a bad day, it was supported by the data.’

Never in red

Corné started the My Fitness Protocol in September 2021, an eighteen-week process, divided over three periods. ‘It was quite exciting to suddenly start exercising three times a week after months of inactivity. But soon I noticed that you never in red go. Your load capacity for that day is determined based on the measurements. You train in the zone where you get about half of your energy from fat and the other half from glucose. And it is different every day based on my load capacity, which is determined in the morning. During the training I received extra oxygen. As a result, I never got exhausted. I noticed results after just six weeks. I slowly but surely got more energy.’

Relaxation through breathing

Corné also benefited from the breathing exercises, which are a permanent part of the training. ‘After each training you go to a separate room to do breathing exercises. In through the nose, out through the nose and then hold your breath. I noticed that my body gradually entered relaxation mode faster and faster when I applied that technique. On the way back from one of the first training sessions, I turned on the check when I was stuck in a traffic jam. You then saw that my heart rate was extremely high. Nowadays I even relax in traffic jams by consciously breathing. I don’t even think about it anymore; it is completely own become. I can because of that instant calm down when I’m stressed. I have already recommended it to many other people.’

Inspired by group feeling

The group element also appealed to Corné. ‘We started every training with a group discussion. We talked about our goals and how we felt. The coach also went into more detail about the theory behind the program. How does breathing work? Which substances are produced? I found that very interesting. In addition, you could exchange experiences with other participants and talk about our progress. That was inspiring and motivating.’

Remote monitoring

Gradually, Corné went back to work partly. He therefore sometimes trained in a local gym. ‘That was monitored remotely and discussed with the coach. I also liked that my hip complaints were taken into account. At the end of the process I had surgery on my worn hip. That was taken into account as an additional factor in my resilience.’

Feeling good about himself on all fronts

Corné has now fully recovered from Long Covid and almost 100% from his hip operation. “I’m going into the summer completely overhauled,” he says with a wink. ‘I’m looking forward to cycling again with my mates and to working fully again. I’m still building that up. I no longer have a short fuse at home, which is nice for my wife and son. I feel good about myself again on all fronts. Thanks to BioCheck!’

Would you like to know more about the various recovery and vitality programs that BioCheck offers? Look at this page or contact us without obligation for the possibilities, via


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