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Better recovery capacity for hard worker Monique

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Better recovery capacity for hard worker Monique

‘BioCheck has been my salvation’

The challenge

Monique Chaudron has been working more than full-time for about forty years. As a purchasing manager, she experienced the rise of fashion chain M&S Mode and subsequently had her own company that developed affordable fashion for chain stores. After selling her shares, there was financial scope to take things easier. But at the beginning of the corona pandemic, Monique was asked for an assignment at Clean Lease. She soon saw “all kinds of things that could be different”. ‘Based on my drive as an independent entrepreneur, I immediately started working on this,’ says Monique. ‘Before I knew it, I was doing much more than what I was hired for. It even kept me awake.’

There were plenty of potential wake-up calls. Her husband Peter talked endlessly into her and created circumstances to slow down. But she also never forgets the time her son came to eat with her. He openly wondered if Monique would ever see her grandchildren, if they came. “He was worried about whether I would make it…” Or that one time while shopping her hands and feet started to tingle and she felt light-headed. “I thought I was going to die,” she says. An ambulance picked her up. Two days later she was back at work. ‘Yes, I am stubborn. According to some people around me it was already five past twelve. I still kept it at five to twelve.’

The solution

And then came that weekend with a networking club for female entrepreneurs, sometime in the autumn of 2021. Monique: ‘Annemarie Nikken gave a presentation here about the BioCheck programs. That was a very nice and pleasant morning. Until she asked if we wanted to take a measurement. I turned out to have a recovery value of 22 on a scale of 1 – 99. And my blood pressure was extremely high; just as had been discovered a few weeks earlier by a personal trainer. Hearing those numbers broke me. I started to cry and knew: this has to change.’

Monique drove home crying that afternoon. She made a decision that she perhaps should have made earlier: she stopped working temporarily and decided to follow BioCheck’s Vitality Program. ‘I feel like I had been functioning quite well up until then. But those numbers made me realize that I was burning myself out. That had everything to do with the workload I imposed on myself, but also with the stress that the termination of my own company entailed. In retrospect, Annemarie’s story came just in time for me.’

The results

Monique trained once a week at BioCheck and twice a week at home for eighteen weeks. ‘The efforts not only gave me more breathing space physically, but also mentally. I started to see everything more in perspective, I saw what is really important in life.’ A positive side effect was that Monique lost 7,5 kilos in three months. ‘Because my body was in flight mode for years, it had an impact on my weight. During the program I not only started exercising more, but also started eating healthier. The pounds flew off and haven’t gained back.’

The BioCheck program was a solution for Monique. ‘I’ve tried everything before: from detoxing to personal trainers shouting at you. A stubborn person like me doesn’t want that. The BioCheck program is scientifically substantiated, which I like. Measuring is knowing. The guidance is personal. The trainers are compelling and challenge you in a pleasant way. They provide you with exercises and knowledge, for example about your breathing. That gave me tools to improve my mental health myself. BioCheck has really been my salvation.’

The sequel

After completing the program, Monique continues training independently with the BioCheck app. But more importantly: she has gained life-changing insights from it. “I no longer get so excited about my work and focus on the things that really matter to me,” she says.

However, she would like to give one piece of unsolicited advice: ‘Employers, take care of the mental and physical well-being of your employees. BioCheck’s programs also help to prevent people from dropping out. It is better to give your people one day a week off to follow this program than to lose someone for months. It is worth investing in the health of your employees.’

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Would you like to know more about the various recovery and vitality programs that BioCheck offers? Look at this page or contact us without obligation for the possibilities, via


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