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Optimize workforce - From needs analysis to prevention plan

Determine the Needs within Your Organization:

Our approach starts by understanding the needs within your organization. We thoroughly examine your workforce to identify potential issues and recognize those who might be ‘on the bench.’ It’s essential to comprehend whether these individuals have primarily mental or physical needs. This analysis forms the basis for finding the most suitable programs, such as our recovery program or BioPsychology, tailored to the specific needs of individual employees.

Preventing absenteeism:

After identifying needs, it’s crucial to investigate how to prevent absenteeism. We assess existing initiatives within the company and the extent to which vitality is integrated into work processes. This holistic approach allows us not only to respond to existing challenges but also to proactively create a healthy and resilient work environment.


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Building vitality from the ground up: BioExperience Workshops for a Healthy Workplace Culture

As an employer, you can effectively contribute to your company’s vitality by implementing stress management programs. Our BioExperience workshops provide valuable insights into stress management and promote awareness among employees. Through workshops and personal rest measurements, participants experience the impact of stress on their well-being.

After this phase, a thorough analysis follows, and the resulting advisory report leads to a differentiated approach. Employees in risk groups are referred to our BioCheck Awareness Project, where additional data is collected on both private and work-related situations. This comprehensive risk analysis is followed by a data analysis using our dashboard, identifying risk factors marked in orange or red.

The BioCheck Awareness Project not only provides in-depth insights but also enables employers to take preventive measures. We encourage companies to offer external expertise on a voluntary basis, making employees more likely to participate than if they feel obligated. As an employer, you can facilitate this by allowing BioCheck-organized sessions, promoting a culture of health and well-being in your organization.


BioTrial for HR & MT Members: Discover the power of BioCheck!

Curious about what BioCheck can do for your organization, but want to experience it yourself first? During this experience, HR managers or MT members engage with BioCheck. They undergo a stress test and rest measurement, measuring at various times over 8 days, both in the workplace and in private situations. Following these measurements is an online discussion with our BioCheck analyst and guide. Together, you discuss the BioTrial analysis, understanding the data and gaining insight into what BioCheck does. This experience not only helps understand the impact on individuals but also enables better advice to employees.

BioCheck: Your dedicated partner for energy management and vitality, offers:

Wat levert het jou als organisatie op?

BioCheck for the vitality of your organization:

Employers like you have witnessed a significant improvement in the vitality of their workforce by collaborating with BioCheck. And the good news? You can too!

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